It's been a long time since it rained.

Hello everyone.
I'm Ronda Co., Ltd.

It rained in Shizuoka today for the first time in a long time.
Is the weather cloudy???
It is a little easy to spend.
It was easy to spend the morning, but what will happen in the afternoon??
When the sun comes out and the sun becomes stronger, it will start to die.
I hope it will be cloudy as it is.

Well, because it is such a weather, please be careful enough for health management.
Please drink plenty of water.
The other day my friend had been in bed for about three days because of heatstroke.
At first, there were no subjective symptoms, so he was attacked by dizziness when he was moving around.
I was sleeping for three days for the time being...
If you are working, the three-day holiday will cause a great deal of damage to both the person himself and the company.

So it's noisy, but"Thorough health management"In the thank you.