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Ladies and gentlemen, Typhoon No.19What was the impact of
There seems to have been several places in the city that have been submerged or water cut off.
There seems to have been no damage in the vicinity of the office.
In various parts of the prefecture, the number of people who died is increasing rapidly, and this typhoonwill be reminded how big it was
Every year, the scale of the disaster is getting bigger, so I thought we had to be well prepared.

This time, a short-term urgent recruitment project has come out
It is the assembly inspection work of the light of the car from the evening in Nagasaki Nitta of Shimizu-ku.
12It is scheduled in the short term until May.
3Work in pairs.
It is also possible to apply with friends.
If you are interested, please contact us as you can visit the factory.

Details are described in "Introduction to work", so please see
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