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Voices of the staff who have been able to use

We introduce the voices from people who have used Ronda Co., Ltd.

Mr. J. Fujinomiya
I work for a folkman at a cannery factory. It was very good to be introduced to a workplace where i could make the most of my experience by my qualifications and food company. The environment and human relations in the workplace are very good and easy to work with and enjoy able to work.

Mr. A. From Shimizu-ku, Brazil, Shizuoka
I'm a canning factory worker. The period of the previous job was over, and i was looking for a job together with where I live, and an acquaintance introduced me to Rhonda. They took a lot of consultation, introduced me to a workplace where they could work even if they were not very good at Japanese, and it was reassuring to have them accompany me from the tour on the day of the tour.
In addition, i had you look for the apartment together, and had you meet and thank you very much.

Mr. W.Suruga-ku, Shizuoka
I'm a clerk. I had consulted with them for a long time about their clerical work, and they found a job that was appropriate for me at the right time, and i was able to see them on a quick tour and meet them. I had a previous job, so it was good to be able to change jobs smoothly with the schedule of the switch.

Mr. H. Zama City
Worked at a factory. When I was looking for a job where I could live and work, I introduced Rhonda and told me that she had a workplace with an apartment. It's a long way to Zama City, but i took her as soon as i visited the site, so i was able to work without any problems in my experience, so I just arranged a setup with the person in charge of the site.
It became as i wanted and i am living a fulfilling life now.

Mr. F. Brazilians living in Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka City
I work in a factory. I was teaching from an acquaintance. They introduced me to factories where many foreign employees work, and I decided that it was an environment that would make it easier for me to take them to the site tour. At the same time, i was able to find an apartment with me, and i was able to help you with contracts, move, and give it to people you know about daily necessities.
The work environment and the content of work are also very good, so I will work hard.

Mr. Y. Aoi-ku, Shizuoka
I'm a warehouse worker. I had a blank of about six years before I got a job again, and it was difficult to get a job, but I got to know Rhonda by introducing me from a friend. I was introduced to a job that was suitable for me with blanks, and i was allowed to visit the site.
I was able to work by visiting, and i was able to soften my anxiety about whether I could work or not, so I was able to make a decision.
There are blanks, and there are times when my body is tight, but I got the opportunity to start working, so I'm going to do my best.

Voice from companies that have been used

We introduce the voice sought from companies that have used Ronda Co., Ltd.

Mr. Leader. Shimizu-Ku, Shizuoka city
・When i was in trouble because i was having trouble because i was not short of forks and shifting, I was a little worried about being a foreigner, but i was able to ask without worrying because they brought me to the site tour and met me. He is now one of our strengths. Thank you very much.

Mr. Chief. Suruga-ku, Shizuoka
・When the clerk consulted Rhonda without enough, he informed us that there are staff members who are trying to quit their previous positions at this time. At a later date, i met him with a field tour and brought him in person. I was worried about who i was, but I was able to have an image of my work with this person.
Sure enough, the employees have been saying that they are happy that they have come to work with a lot of work. They come frequently after dispatch, and they talk to the dispatch staff, so i'm relieved.

Mr. Leader. Zama City Plant
I was in trouble because I couldn't count on people to work the night shift, so I asked for a proposal to prepare an apartment and send staff. There were people who were looking for a job with a dormitory just right, so they came to see each other, so it was very good to be able to meet and talk with them. I have been working without being late to this day, and it is very helpful.