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2021May 22, 2008 : It's been a long time since it rained.
Hello everyone.
I'm Ronda Co., Ltd.

It rained in Shizuoka today for the first time in a long time.
Is the weather cloudy???
It is a little easy to spend.
It was easy to spend the morning, but what will happen in the afternoon??
When the sun comes out and the sun becomes stronger, it will start to die.
I hope it will be cloudy as it is.

Well, because it is such a weather, please be careful enough for health management.
Please drink plenty of water.
The other day my friend had been in bed for about three days because of heatstroke.
At first, there were no subjective symptoms, so he was attacked by dizziness when he was moving around.
I was sleeping for three days for the time being...
If you are working, the three-day holiday will cause a great deal of damage to both the person himself and the company.

So it's noisy, but"Thorough health management"I'd like to.
2021年5月20日 : I think it's a tough time, but...
Hello, I'm Ronda Co., Ltd.

I feel the influence of the new coronavirus in various situations such as business and life,
How are you all doing?
I sincerely pray for your self-love.

So, how is your work situation after that?

If you are looking for a job, please feel free to call us.
If you have any work that meets the conditions you have received, we will contact you separately.
Job openings may come in suddenly, so I think it is good if you can contact us regularly.
2021年5月19日 : Temperature difference
Good morning.
I'm Ronda Co., Ltd.

Recently, the weather has been unstable, such as rain and hot weather.
On hot days, the temperature rises insanely, and just a little walk makes you sweat.
Everyone who is working is more.
Stay hydrated.
And please change clothes early without leaving sweating.
The summer cold is very hot, so be careful.

Let's do our best today.
2021May 14 - : Increased staff
This month, we increased the number of temporary staff by 5.

It has been decided to dispatch to food manufacturing companies and distribution centers.
We support the work style of those who have various careers, from those who have experience and those who are doing their work for the first time.

It is difficult in recent years due to corona disaster, but we will help everyone work even a little.
Staff are recruited at any time.
Registration alone is OK.
We will guide you when the dispatch destination comes out.
2021May, 10 pm : Add dispatched companies
It will be the post after a long absence.

We acquired the company we are dispatching today.

Although it is a distribution center in Shizuoka Prefecture, it is said that the volume has increased due to recent mail order demand.
It seems that the company was also recruiting, but the gathering seems to be bad, so I heard from you.

It seems that the influence of this corona has greatly influenced the way you work.
Please tell us your company's wishes as we will be flexible quickly.
The person in charge will fully support your staff management.

Contact us by phone